SEO Tips For Your New Site

If you are new to SEO, then at some point, you’ll start researching some SEO tips for your new site.

To start with, you have to look into what keywords or phrases you think that a potential customer may use to find your website on Google. Don’t just focus on one-word keywords. Try and use 2, 3 and even four-word terms and if you can incorporate a place or location name into the key phrase, then even better.

The next step is to start out writing or to create some good quality SEO content. Pay close attention and make sure your content is relevant to your website and can be clearly understood by both the searcher and search engines to read and enjoy. Your articles need to include your keyword or phrases, but keyword spamming can damage your site to the point of no recovery.

You can prevent spamming by making use of techniques similar to using headings or H1 tags. It is beneficial to make each page have it’s own theme or topic and to stay focused on that topic throughout the content.

After you have added your content, you then need some quality backlinks pointing to your website. You can do this by using directory submissions or social networking sites.

Backlinks are viewed as a virtual recommendation of your website or blog and can help to extend traffic.

Be clear, the search engines are continually learning, and continuously evolving to find and categorise quality links that are relevant to your website. It is quality over quantity so really give another second to think about to where you get your links.

To summarise, when thinking of SEO tips on your new website, consider the following 3 points.

Use in demand, well-researched keywords.

Create updated, easy to use content.

It’s quality over quantity on your backlinks.