Search Engine Optimization (SEO) For Starters – Two Approaches To Succeed Online

Are you struggling to understand what SEO is? Do you find yourself wanting to skip to the end of the article because you don’t understand it? Don’t worry, we won’t beat around the bush here. You don’t have to know every detail about SEO (which is why you probably need a master’s degree in computer science). In this article though, we’ll cover some of the more important basics about SEO that you should know if you want to be successful online.

SEO Basics. Search engine optimisation (SEO) is an intricate process of optimising your website for the purpose of boosting your rankings in the major search engines and getting as much organic (no-pay) traffic as possible. Keyword stuffing. This is not the same thing.

I’ve seen this a lot of times from marketers trying to get their website’s ranking high using low-quality techniques like keyword stuffing and hard-sell techniques. It’s not very unique, but it sure is spam. The basic principle behind both techniques is the same. SEO hard core practitioners will pretend like they know something that they really don’t, and if you ask them a question, they will answer with “I don’t know, but that’s my job”. If they are lucky enough to make it past a stage where even a 5-year-old can do that, then they are in a class of the fittest.

There is another approach that is growing increasingly popular amongst internet marketers. It is called “growth hacking techniques“. Basically, the goal is to make sure that you rank high for as many keywords as you can, without spamming the system. The growth hackers will use a wide range of techniques to achieve this goal. Some of these techniques will be obvious, some less so.

One of the most common techniques is known as the keyword planner. This is simply a list of keywords that you want to target for your website. This list is then used by some kind of software to generate traffic for those keywords. Obviously, this is not a long term solution. But it does ensure that you rank high for the majority of your keywords, which is the main aim of any good SEO practitioner.

A second approach is the buzzbundle. Buzzbundle is a service where you pay a one time fee and get unlimited traffic and leads. The buzzbundle system works very well with organic traffic, because the traffic generated by the buzzbundle is actually the traffic that would have been generated by natural search volume. In other words, the traffic generated by the buzzbundle system is the “real stuff” that a marketer needs to succeed. These are the two approaches that you need to learn if you want to ensure your success online!