Google Prepares to Unleash ‘Semantic Search’

Recent statistics from Experian Hitwise imply that Google accounted for nearly 92 per cent of all searches in the united kingdom during February, along with a glimpse on StatCounter shows a similar dominance during much of the world.

However, Google is intensely conscious of many young pretenders to the research throne, as well as the innovative procedures and new approaches they’re taking to battle the big G’s rarity. To this end, it’s likely a fairly substantial makeover which might have far-reaching implications for the procedure for hunting the internet for information as well as the search engine optimization practices of companies and entrepreneurs.

A new age of Googling?

This means that instead of just fitting up the key terms and phrases typed into the search box together with those included on sites, the search engine algorithms will understand the significance of the lookup query, letting it return relevant results.

Based on Efrati, this change towards a search engine will probably be further eased by Google’s purchase of Metaweb Technologies, a firm which had acquired a database of over 12 million’entities’ – like encyclopaedic entries as you could see in Wikipedia. It has since been enlarged to comprise 200 million things.

A seismic change for SEO?

Although the precise form this new, enhanced Google will take is unknown and work remains behind closed doors, it’s believed that the search engine could be planning to provide more in-depth information on its site, instead of just returning a list of links where consumers could find what they’re searching for.

What will the forthcoming changes imply to the SEO of companies sites? It is much too early to say but what’s certain is they will need to pay careful attention, and also be ready to adapt and find new tactics to rank highly in Google.