Fly to India Today for an Incredible Vacation

Plan to visit India? Well, besides having chalked out a well-planned itinerary it is usually good to understand about every place’s culture and tradition a lttle bit. Some parts of India could possibly build your trip and experience a little awkward especially when you are looking at dressing. Although India doesn’t have a strict dress code but it is safer to take note than sorry for which you wear being a female traveller. If you are a traveller from the outside India dressing could prove useful so if you’re a domestic traveller chances are that you may escape once you learn someone around locally.

You can visit India and relish its great heritage tours with your family and youngsters which will try a lot. Find an India travel package for heritage tours to India to see the realities of history. It is very easy to book an India travel package to go to the exotic heritage spots. There are number tour operators who offer reliable, inexpensive and customized travel packages to many people destinations for heritage tours in India. You can get their assistance to book flights and rooms in numerous hotels and resorts.

Kashmir- Mughal Emperor Jahangir once said about Kashmir, “if ever there’s a heaven that is known, this is it”. These words are still not enough to spell out the scintillating appeal of this valley. It has rightly been known as the Switzerland of India. The snow covered mountains and beautiful scenery will almost cause you to be go speechless. The valley attracts a large number of tourists annually. The beautiful gardens of Shalimar and Nishat really are a bonus. Coming to India instead of visiting Kashmir is like eating starters to get a complete meal. This beautiful city shall be missed at own risk.

Gateway of India: Gateway of India, 26 metres high stone archway may be the first landmark of Mumbai can be viewed when arriving by ship. The monument is found about the waterfront in the southern part of the city. This 16th century emblem was made in Gujarat architectural style to commemorate the visit of King George V and Queen Mary to India. An equestrian statue of Chhatrapati Shivaji and statue of Swami Vivekananda are installed here.

Golden Fort – Also known as Jaisalmer Durg or Sonar Kila, the Golden Fort is definitely an impressive fort complex operating out of town of Jaisalmer – the Golden City of India. It is among the oldest living forts on the globe. It houses many beautiful buildings, temples and havelis. It is among the Seven Wonders of India and one of the most visited and popular attractions of northern India tourism.